Bristol 24 Corsair Sailboat


A classically beautiful 1979 Bristol Corsair yacht, Jonah's Charm calls the warm emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico her home.


More specifically, she lies in the northerly part, in the small gulfside community of Pensacola ....paradise by anyone's measure.


Pensacola Bay boasts all manner of boat and skipper, from the small windsailor variety, to the much larger cruising boat oficionado ....but in my books, a sailboat like Jonah's Charm, coupled with a laid back skipper (that'd be me), is just the ticket. 

At what might be labelled "medium" in size, given her 25 feet of length, Jonah's Charm is perfect .... large and tough enough to handle the Gulf's ornery moods, yet small enough to deliver a hands-on, quality sailing experience to her charges.  Shallow in draft, she scoffs (but not too loudly, of course) at the monsters sculking close to the shoreline; those hidden sandbars, which lie in wait to entrap unsuspecting deeper draft vessels.

Even better, after a day of sailing, her large comfortable cockpit offers up the ideal respite for basking leisurely in face-warming sunsets, typical of the area....  just what the doctor ordered.  The venue is all the more enticing, if combined with gourmet fair prepared below deck in the "standing headroom" cabin. 


...and against a backdrop of a slowly rocking sea and the promise of gentle slumber yet to come....well....  I tellya, ya just can't beat it.